Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Blog to Rule Them All

Well, what better way to start a blog than with a blog post, right? Of course, because that is what you do, post in blogs about things that should go into blogs. Bloggy type stuff.

So, where to begin. Ah, yes. Contents.

Completely. Random.

That is what the blog will be about. Anything from the amount of dead skin I pull off of my foot at night to just how great the sex was the night before with a monkey, a goose and a chipmunk. Whatever comes into mind, be it a random thought about a story to write or how to build a time machine with a twig, some gum and a piece of string.

So, on to the randomness.


What the heck is this? Now, I will tell you all up front, I am NOT a writer. Not in the least. If I do write, it is just to get the mind numbing thoughts out of my brain and down onto some sort of medium to clear up the confusion. This also applies to vocabulary.

I have a very small one.

No no, vocabulary. Yes, that. It is small, so when people use those fancy words like the one above, I get thoroughly confused pretty damn quick. It is a fault of mine. Yeah, sure, I could sit down and read a dictionary and fill my mind WITH KNOWLEDGE, but I prefer to let it mold within my skull until it leaks out from my ears.

So, all you fancy word using folks, chill out and go easy on my little brain. It takes quite a beating throughout the day and I would like to be able to get home after a long day of work and not feel like I shoved an egg beater up my nose and scrambled what was left.

And oddly enough, I just imagined that. Huh.

I think I will get into my love rocket [lol] and blast off [hur hur] to the moon [anal].

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