Friday, February 6, 2009

Blogs: Reloaded

All right, so, I actually managed to keep my attention long enough on this to make a second post. Woo? Maybe. It all depends on how you take it, I suppose. But, regardless, I have two topics I would like to talk about, but I will flip a coin and choose just one.

Hm, which one shall it be? Heads; Nintendo. Tails; Twilight.


Heads it is.

Ah, Nintendo. You were the light of our lives at one point in time. You provided such great joy for all of us in the early 80s and well into the next century. But, it went to your head. It has been sad. You now provide us with gimmicky, horribly made mediums that are second rate compared to what you used to produce.

You wanted to be innovative. You wanted to be unique and special. You wanted to put a new spin on the normal usage of a controlled and a console. And you did. And it was fun for the first day or two. But then you began to pump out the same games with a different cover. Nothing new, just the same old crap with a new face.

Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Bundle 2

Cabela's Big Game Hunter
Deal or No Deal
My Fitness Coach - with Bonus!

A couple of the top selling games according to Gamestop [satan].

Nintendo has always allowed for these type of games on all systems they have created, but when the market is so saturated with this, it overshadows ANYTHING that comes out that could be good. It is buried in the mass pile of mediocre concoctions of despair.

An example, Super Smash Brothers Melee. There was so much hype, but when it came out and we got our hands on it, it was, truthfully, nothing more than the gamecube version with new stages/screens. Hell, I played the game with a GAMECUBE controller and there was nothing outrageously new. It left me empty.

As for the Wiimote and nunchuck, once again, fun for the first two or three days, then it gets old. Swinging my arms around like I have one brain cell and a puddle of drool in my lap just to get something to move on the screen. I've seen the commercials with people playing Wii. If I look anything like them, then no thanks.

And finally, the name. Wii. What. The. Hell? I get the idea. Wii = We [group]. Together. A bunch of people. But seriously? If they had kept it Revolution...that name had so much more meaning. But if they followed the same marketing plan as, maybe not so much.

So, Nintendo, you have fallen from grace. You were once a bright and shining star in this massive multi-colored unvierse we call home. But you have become nothing more than a black hole sell out. Plain and simple.

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